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Alex Yates: 996 Cabri­o­let 3.4

We used Alex's 996 as one of the com­par­i­son cars. He has owned it for nearly five years and has cov­ered 45,000 miles, us­ing it as a daily driver. It's now on 130,000 miles and sig­nif­i­cantly still has its orig­i­nal M96 engine, which says a lot for reg­u­lar use. Is it on bor­rowed time? Who knows, but Alex's engine is a prime can­di­date for a Hartech ca­pac­ity up­grade when the time comes. And af­ter a drive in the 996 3.7? ‘In third and fourth gear at 3500rpm–4000rpm it’s much more flex­i­ble,’ reck­ons Alex. ‘More mid-range, too!’ And of the 3.9 Cay­man ‘S’? ‘That seemed as fast from 3000rpm to 5000rpm, and it goes like stink from any revs!

Mike Hib­bins: 996 3.4 Tip­tronic

An­other en­cour­ag­ingly high-mileage 996, this time with 155,000 on the odometer, al­though owner Mike Hib­bins con­cedes that it re­ceived a Hartech re­build at 92,000 miles. It's an­other daily driver, too, which is equally en­cour­ag­ing for a 20-year-old car. Mike was im­pressed with the 3.7 and 3.9 996 con­ver­sions – ‘A def­i­nite dif­fer­ence from 2000rpm’ – and reck­ons that had the op­tion been avail­able when his engine was re­built he would def­i­nitely have gone for it. But he reck­ons that there's no rea­son why he couldn't ap­ply the mods to his cur­rent engine, and was last seen hav­ing a quiet word with Barry Hart...

Eric Munro: 996 Car­rera 4S GT3 RS replica

Se­rial Porsche owner, Eric Munro, bought this 991 GT3 RS looka­like as it stands. The body con­ver­sion was car­ried out in Ger­many, and the in­te­rior has been re­trimmed in leather and Al­can­tara. He's no stranger to mod­ded Porsches, and once owned foot­baller Rio Fer­di­nand's exTechart Cayenne Mag­num. Un­der­neath, Eric's GT3 RS looka­like is a stan­dard 996 C4S, and he's not go­ing to be shy about mod­i­fy­ing the engine. All that show de­serves an equal amount of go. Pre­dictably, Eric was im­pressed with the 3.9 Cay­man ‘S’. ‘It pulls very well in sixth,’ which we can vouch for, too. Again, last seen in the queue to have a quiet word with Barry...

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