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No 928 owner wants to spend two grand or more on a new radiator for their V8-propelled autobahn stormer. $649, however, is far more palatable, especially when the product on offer brings performanc­e benefits in addition to being sympatheti­c to your bank balance. CSF’S all-aluminium high-performanc­e radiator for the 928 (suitable for all models, from early 4.5-litre cars all the way to the 5.4-litre GTS) was developed in partnershi­p with ‘land shark’ parts retailer, 928 Internatio­nal, and features two integrated oil coolers: an engine oil cooler and a transmissi­on oil cooler, one either side of the radiator core. Promising Diy-friendly drop-in installati­on, CSF’S 928 radiator makes use of an ultra-efficient twin-row 42mm core with specially engineered tube mirroring the shape of the letter B (as opposed to standard O-shaped/oval tubes) and multi-louvered 6.5mm fins, maximising surface area for more efficient heat dissipatio­n. Individual­ly leak tested, Tig-welded, incorporat­ing Cnc-machined mounting brackets and exhibiting an attractive brushed aluminium finish, each CSF 928 radiator is supplied with a two-year warranty.

Price: $649 csfrace.com or call +1 800 827 1991

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