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GHA is the label British performanc­e suspension manufactur­er, GAZ Shocks, gives its road-oriented height-adjustable damper kits (the firm’s popular Gold line is much stiffer and designed for track applicatio­ns, while the GT line doesn’t offer users configurab­le ride height). The 944-specific GAZ GHA suspension package comprises coilovers for the front and telescopic dampers for the rear, thereby retaining the factory torsion bar setup. These fast-road shocks offer bump and rebound adjustment, as well as a shortened body and stroke length, with an achievable drop in ride height of between 25mm and 65mm. Zinc-plated to prevent corrosion and fitted with easy-to-operate on-body acme thread adjustment dials (enabling a variety of damper settings to be selected while the parts are in situ), these brilliantl­y engineered shocks significan­tly improve handling following installati­on and revised geometry. Suitable for all 944s (including Turbo models) and available with camber adjustable front top mounts as a cost option, GAZ GHA suspension kits are individual­ly tested, deliver an impressive­ly comfortabl­e ride, are pitched at an attractive price point and come shipped with printouts of test results specific to each damper. And, adding peace of mind, all GAZ products are supplied with a two-year manufactur­er warranty effective from the date of purchase. Price: £608.46 gazshocks.co.uk or call 01268 724585

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