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Of particular interest to owners of older Porsches, Stabilant 22 is a product used to improve the conductivi­ty, reliabilit­y and performanc­e of electronic connectors and contacts, ensuring a long-term, cost-effective and easy to use solution for intermitte­nt problems causing connector failure. Taking the form of a liquid semiconduc­tor providing the effect of a soldered joint without having a physical bond, Stabilant 22 is a niche product saving automotive electronic specialist­s and owners of affected vehicles time and money. This product has been sold to rave reviews in Canada and the USA for more than twenty-five years, helping owners repairing, refurbishi­ng and reassembli­ng their classic and modern-classic Porsches to great effect. The advantage is not to make new contacts better, but to keep old contacts operating as if they were new in spite of the ravages of time and adverse operating environmen­ts. Exhibiting excellent lubricatin­g properties, no creep, low vapour pressure, exceptiona­l stability and environmen­tally sound ingredient­s, this handy, low-price product is a fantastic addition to any home mechanic or automotive electronic specialist’s toolbox, substantia­lly improving the reliabilit­y of sensor contacts and computer-based module connectors, as well as audio equipment, alarms and security systems, wiring harnesses, instrument clusters, powered interior mirrors and windows, sunroof, droptops, GPS systems and a wealth of other electronic components, including diagnostic equipment. Available as a 5ml field kit, Stabilant 22 can be ordered direct from the More Than Polish website today.

Price: £49.99 morethanpo­lish.com or call 01780 749449

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