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Braking power being one of the most crucial aspects of vehicle performanc­e goes without saying, especially when it comes to high-speed track toys. EBC Brakes Racing’s new Track Pack is a fantastic way to monitor braking system temperatur­es, thereby helping you to maintain your Porsche’s stopping power. Each kit comprises a variety of useful heat management solutions. First up is a one-litre bottle of the company’s BF307+ ultra-high performanc­e Super DOT4 brake fluid, ideal for hard-working braking systems subject to extreme temperatur­es. Also in the kit are ten self-adhesive temperatur­e strips, enabling quick and easy real-time reading of each caliper’s temperatur­e without the need to remove wheels. Three quick-dry disc heat paints (designed to melt away at designated temperatur­es, with accuracy to within one percent) are included, each a different colour: green, orange/red and yellow, rated at 427℃, 538℃ and 649℃ respective­ly. Three bottles of temperatur­e paint thinners also form part of each Track Pack, as do EBC Brakes Racing stickers, which don’t do anything to help with performanc­e, but everyone loves stickers, right?! The EBC Brakes Racing Track Pack is available with immediate effect from your local EBC Brakes stockist or by ordering online. Search for part number TP001.

Price: £178.80 ebcbrakesd­irect.com or call 01604 286028

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