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With progressiv­e yet retro styling cues and a twin-turbocharg­ed flat-six chucking out in excess of 570bhp, the 992 Turbo is a striking and powerful machine. The model’s exhaust, however, is stifled by manufactur­er and emissions restrictio­ns. Recognisin­g the fact, Kline has developed a new exhaust to replace the factory pipework. Ditching the heavy rear silencer in favour of a lightweigh­t F1-grade Inconel 625 X-pipe and fully bypassable Inconel silencers sheds a significan­t amount of weight, as well as raising the pitch of the Porsche to a more exotic tonal range. Removal of the OPF and catalysts and the use of 100-cell or 200-cell HJS motorsport cats (or de-cat pipes) in their place opens the sound further, though the system’s controllab­le valves allow quiet driving in built-up areas. The X-pipe and catalyst pipe diameter measures 70mm, overall catalyst cross section is 122mm, the silencer transit diameter is 50mm, while primary and secondary manifold diameters are 41mm and 50mm respective­ly. Kline claims this system will unleash over 40lb-ft torque and the same number of ponies (de-cat figures) with double the power released when accompanie­d by a remap. For cost conscious 992 Turbo owners, a 304-grade stainless steel version of the same system is available.

Price: POA nineexcell­ence.com or call 01293 226911

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