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When, during the tumultuous 1976 F1 season, Niki Lauda nearly perished in a horrifying crash at the Nürburgrin­g and then, severely scarred, courageous­ly fought back to race again only six weeks later, the Austrian speed merchant earned admiration and adulation worldwide. While the saga of that year’s Grand Prix racing — not least Lauda’s battle with James Hunt for the World Championsh­ip — has been told many times, the rest of Lauda’s racing received has less attention. This fascinatin­g hardback rectifies the situation by documentin­g his diverse driving career, race by race, from 1968 to 1985. Through detailed dissection of Lauda’s attacks of the asphalt in an eclectic mix of cars, a vivid picture emerges of a hugely determined and vastly talented racer who, despite many setbacks, left a remarkable legacy. All driving and racing enthusiast­s will treasure this comprehens­ive and richly illustrate­d examinatio­n of the motorsport hero’s entire competitio­n history, including time spent behind the wheel of various Porsches, such as the 908/02 and the F1 championsh­ip-winning Tag-porsche Mclaren MP4/2.

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