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Hope­fully, this is knowl­edge you won’t be need­ing dur­ing your stay, but if you do find your­self in a sit­u­a­tion where you need med­i­cal or le­gal help, here’s what you need to know.

Nor­we­gian emer­gency num­bers dif­fer from the UK, in that there are three sep­a­rate num­bers de­pend­ing on what you need. For po­lice, dial 112; for am­bu­lance, dial 113; and if there’s a fire, it’s 110. Don’t worry, though – if you can only re­mem­ber one of them, let them know what you need help with and they’ll put you through to the right place. English is spo­ken by all, so you don’t have to know what to ask for in Nor­we­gian.

If you need med­i­cal as­sis­tance but you don’t quite need an am­bu­lance, there are two gen­eral emer­gency rooms in Oslo, one cen­trally lo­cated at Stor­gata, and one at Aker Syke­hus a bit fur­ther out from the city cen­tre. The Stor­gata emer­gency room spe­cialises in in­juries. They both tend to ill­nesses, and once you get there, they will talk to you and de­ter­mine the ur­gency of your is­sue, and then tell you where to wait and how long the wait is ex­pected to be. Ur­gent is­sues are pri­ori­tised. To con­tact the emer­gency rooms in ad­vance, or for ques­tions, call +47 116117 or +47 23 48 72 00.

If you need the po­lice, they can be seen walk­ing, driv­ing or rid­ing horses along the streets, and are al­ways happy to have a chat. If you need at­ten­tion ur­gently, either call the emer­gency num­ber or, if you’re in a place with se­cu­rity guards, let them know and they can con­tact the po­lice for you.

If you need help with a stolen pass­port or any other is­sues for which you need the Bri­tish Em­bassy, it can be found at Thomas Heftyes gate 8, 0244 Oslo, or you can call them on +47 23 13 27 00. Their hours are 9am to 4pm Mon­day to Fri­day.

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