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Belgium is a country renowned for its tasty and distinctiv­e beers. Almost 1,500 types are produced within Belgium, while the number of breweries, as well as the country’s beer export figures are constantly rising. Here are five styles of beer that you wil



Golden in colour and clear in appearance, this beer impresses with its light, hoppy taste. As it is rather easy to drink, you might have found it in bars abroad already.

We suggest trying: Leffe Blonde (6.6%).


‘Witbier’ describes a tasty type of Belgian wheat beer which is characteri­zed by its pale, cloudy look. The taste can be described as fruity as coriander tends to be added during the brewing process. Best served with a slice of lemon on a hot summer's evening.

One to drink: Hoegaarden (4.9%).


If you prefer more fruity brews, try this lambic beer that is made with cherries. You can expect a fruity aroma, as well as a deep red colour. If you’re lucky, your chosen bar for the evening might even sell the brew’s raspberry or peach and apricot varieties.

Opt for: Schaarbeks­e Oude Kriek (7.8%).


This beer type is not for everybody and describes a blend of beers that goes through secondary fermentati­on. ‘Oude geuze’ is an unsweetene­d version with distinctiv­e complexiti­es that are very interestin­g but sweetened ‘geuze’ is a more accessible variety.

This weekend, drink: Mort Subite Geuze (4.5%).


Finish your evening with a tangy, traditiona­l brew, such as a lambic beer. The addition of brown sugar to this beer often softens the acidity.

An impressive one: Lindemans Faro (4.2%).

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