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Bel­gium is a coun­try renowned for its tasty and dis­tinc­tive beers. Al­most 1,500 types are pro­duced within Bel­gium, while the num­ber of brew­eries, as well as the coun­try’s beer ex­port fig­ures are con­stantly ris­ing. Here are five styles of beer that you wil

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Golden in colour and clear in ap­pear­ance, this beer im­presses with its light, hoppy taste. As it is rather easy to drink, you might have found it in bars abroad al­ready.

We sug­gest try­ing: Leffe Blonde (6.6%).


‘Witbier’ de­scribes a tasty type of Bel­gian wheat beer which is char­ac­ter­ized by its pale, cloudy look. The taste can be de­scribed as fruity as co­rian­der tends to be added dur­ing the brew­ing process. Best served with a slice of lemon on a hot sum­mer's evening.

One to drink: Hoe­gaar­den (4.9%).


If you pre­fer more fruity brews, try this lam­bic beer that is made with cher­ries. You can ex­pect a fruity aroma, as well as a deep red colour. If you’re lucky, your cho­sen bar for the evening might even sell the brew’s rasp­berry or peach and apri­cot va­ri­eties.

Opt for: Schaar­bekse Oude Kriek (7.8%).


This beer type is not for ev­ery­body and de­scribes a blend of beers that goes through sec­ondary fer­men­ta­tion. ‘Oude geuze’ is an unsweet­ened ver­sion with dis­tinc­tive com­plex­i­ties that are very in­ter­est­ing but sweet­ened ‘geuze’ is a more accessible va­ri­ety.

This week­end, drink: Mort Subite Geuze (4.5%).


Fin­ish your evening with a tangy, tra­di­tional brew, such as a lam­bic beer. The ad­di­tion of brown sugar to this beer of­ten soft­ens the acid­ity.

An im­pres­sive one: Lin­de­mans Faro (4.2%).

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