Abdoul and the Coco Moon

Chapter 1


An old African legend has it that when the moon cannot be seen it is because she has come down to take a walk among humans. This is the story of Abdoul, the boy who fell in love with the Moon.

Abdoul lived in a village in Senegal near the border with Mauritania.

Although he was a little boy and skinny, he ran more than anyone, jumped more than anyone and laughed more than anyone. He liked to play battles with his friends. Before the battle began he always said, ‘my team is going to win.’ ‘You don't know that,’ said the others.

Abdoul looked at them and replied, ‘Come on, let’s play. You’ll see how my team is going to win.’

Abdoul had a quick mind and, before the others started to pick up the wooden sticks that Abdoul himself had prepared, he had already planned how to win. One day he made his mates run up the hills. Then they ran back down like jaguars and caught the other team by surprise.

Other day he made them dive into the river and swim until they were out of breath.

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