Abdoul and the Coco Moon

Chapter 2


The next day a lot of white people came to town. Their leader wanted to talk to Abdoul’s father. They needed permission to make a road, and Abdoul's father was the one who could tell them how to get that permission. The leader came to Abdoul’s home with a little girl.

Abdoul had never seen a girl so small and so white. She had big blue eyes, blond and slightly messy hair, and with lips as pink as a flamingo’s wings.

Abdoul immediatel­y knew that she was the moon that had come to visit him.

The leader said to Abdoul’s father, ‘Excuse me sir, I had to bring my daughter. I assure you she will not disturb us.

Abdoul’s father said, ‘Abdoul, take care of her while we talk.’

Abdoul nodded. The adults left and the girl began to speak. ‘Hello, my name is Coco and I don’t need you to take care of me.’‘Hi, I'm Abdoul, and if my father has told me to take care of you I will, whether you like it or not.’

They looked into each other’s eyes, but without saying anything. After a while Abdoul took Coco's hand. He had never touched anything so soft. He said, ‘come with me.

Let's play with my friends.’

Coco said, ‘I don’t think that’s a good idea.’

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