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DOG own­ers warned af­ter sheep are mauled (Septem­ber 14) Julie Hys­lop: Why can’t peo­ple be more re­spon­si­ble for their ac­tions? Eileen Hall­worth: I al­ways put mine on leads, not just for cross­ing farm­land but go­ing near to it. Dogs can smell live­stock from miles away and if they’re gonna go af­ter sheep no mat­ter how well you think you know them, how obe­di­ent you think they are? They’ll go and they’ll get there long be­fore you. Dam­age done. Lind­say Jayne Ri­ley: My dogs are ter­ri­fied of sheep so not too much of a prob­lem for me, but she’s al­ways leaded when live­stock are around any­way. Anita Black: So ir­re­spon­si­ble. How would they like it if any­one at­tacked their dog?

PLANS to build 69 homes near an Oswaldtwistle pri­mary school ap­proved (Septem­ber 21)

Michelle Everett: This is at the bot­tom of my av­enue. Makes no odds to me be­cause the sheer amount of cars parked on that road is hideous. It makes it dif­fi­cult to get out of Cen­tral Av­enue and they turn a very busy road into a one lane night­mare. Let them build. I’m all for it. Donna Briggs: Pos­i­tive there is ap­petite for this kind of devel­op­ment in Oswaldtwistle, but on green belt land? Surely the pri­or­ity should be to de­velop for­mer mill sites? Janet Fran­cis: I un­der­stand that the six-fig­ure sum is to be spent in ei­ther Knuz­den or Rhy­d­dings Park. How that com­pen­sates the chil­dren of West End, who are los­ing their play­ing space, I don’t know? Ken Moss: Sec­tion 106 money isn’t spent im­me­di­ately and it isn’t nec­es­sar­ily spent in that area be­cause oth­er­wise cer­tain ar­eas would never get any im­prove­ment as they don’t have any land to de­velop. You don’t just blow all the money sim­ply be­cause it’s there, you don’t know what’s com­ing up in fu­ture. Peel for ex­am­ple has no land of any kind to de­velop be­yond a green area on Cedar Street so they will never gen­er­ate any S106 but sec­tion 106 money from other ar­eas was used to­wards The Cop­pice to good ef­fect. It’s all rel­a­tive, it’s just a case of see­ing the big­ger pic­ture

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