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I TRUST the Prime Min­is­ter Theresa May. Only the Prime Min­is­ter can do Brexit. We have to com­pro­mise a lit­tle.

No-one gets full cake – Bri­tain and Europe.

It’s all very well Boris John­son and Ja­cob Rees-Mogg want­ing a bet­ter Brexit. They’re not the Prime Min­is­ter and can’t de­liver.

Only Theresa May can do Brexit. In my opin­ion, let her do the job.

True Bri­tish fish­er­men need fair deal. Usu­ally they get pushed to the bot­tom of con­cerns. Bri­tain would like fish­ing waters back.

There are many good things in Theresa May’s Brexit such as end of free move­ment and con­trol our bor­ders. I feel that we have to do that to pro­tect work­ing-class male jobs.

The 1980s, Thatcher’s 198’s, were not so good for jobs. We were in Europe then.

I feel the main step is to get our coun­try back. End free move­ment and have bet­ter con­trols on im­mi­gra­tion in or­der to try to make it fair for all.

Bri­tain has been an open door since at least 1979, for any­one to come, of­ten not con­sid­er­ing Bri­tish jobs, cer­tainly not Bri­tish work­ing class jobs.

Well Bri­tain has lost its hous­ing, its NHS. It won’t go on for­ever just let­ting any­one flood into Bri­tain.

After 1980 jobs got a lot harder to get. Yet we al­lowed peo­ple in.

Theresa May is re­ally the only lady who can do Brexit.

First of all, we need to get our coun­try back. Be Bri­tain again.

If we stay friends with Europe it will be good for all Bri­tain and Europe. We won’t be dom­i­nated any more by Euro­pean laws.

Bri­tish Par­lia­ment would de­cide who is al­lowed into Bri­tain and who can’t come. This I feel only be good. Adrian Vin­cent Grady Ac­cring­ton

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