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●● If you are forc­ing hy­acinths for Christ­mas, have a peep at them to check their growth. Leave them in the dark un­der black plas­tic un­til at least an inch of growth is show­ing.

●● Plant up hip­peas­trum bulbs for a de­light­ful dis­play of these ex­otic blooms.

●● You’ve prob­a­bly fin­ished with mow­ing the lawn but you can give your gar­den a neater ap­pear­ance for the win­ter by cut­ting the edges with a lawn edger to pro­vide a crisp fin­ish. ●● Warm weather in Oc­to­ber and Novem­ber means there have been quite a few weeds grow­ing, so on cle­ment days, try to pull out a few.

●● Tie in climb­ing roses to pre­vent wind dam­age – old ny­lon tights tied in a fig­ure of eight be­tween stem and sup­port work well.

●● It’s the right time to prune de­cid­u­ous hedg­ing but leave ev­er­green hedges un­til spring.

●● Clean tools be­fore putting them away for win­ter. Fill a small bucket with sand and oil and dip the me­tal parts of tools in – this will clean and oil them for win­ter.

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