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I READ with despair Mrs Siburuth’s letter (03/07/20).

From Facebook posts and other letters to Accrington Observer she is not alone in not knowing the Black Lives Matter Campaign.

She asks “what kind of justice are they seeking and for whom?”.

The facts about the black and minority ethnic (BAME) population are:

They are much more likely to be stopped and searched by police and a disproport­ionate number have died in police custody.

A person with a non-western name applying for work is less likely to be called for interview.

BAME people are in lower paid jobs and are often overlooked for promotion.

The list of reasons for the campaign is endless and the justice they seek is about equality.

Black Lives Matter means BAME lives should matter as much as all other lives.

Concentrat­ing on who lit up the Town Hall and statues being removed is merely a distractio­n from the above facts.

Major changes, be it an end to slavery or working class emancipati­on had to be fought for.

What is “the wrong message” given by people taking the knee in support of fellow humans?

This is not, as suggested, just a problem for other countries – injustice and racism are here too.

Modern day slavery now exists and white supremacy certainly didn’t end with the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833.

The person Christians kneel before was from the Middle East, probably brown skinned.

As a friend pointed out, more succinctly, black and Asian people don’t want to be treated differentl­y they want to be treated the same.

People not understand­ing the BLM movement are the very reason it exists.

Kay Jenkinson Accrington

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