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Has the editor reached a con­clu­sion on whether to strip, or not to strip?

There have been times in my life when knowl­edge just hasn’t come easy. As the mod­fa­ther so wisely wrote: ‘ The more I see, the more I know, the more I know the less I un­der­stand’, and so it has been in my search to un­der­stand air strip­pers. Our own Neil Price is a strong be­liever that th­ese bolt- on de­vices re­ally can im­prove your long-range ac­cu­racy and have your pel­lets hit­ting harder than a bare bar­rel. The the­ory has it that by de­flect­ing high-pres­sure air that ex­its be­hind the pel­let at the muz­zle, it will re­main undis­turbed in its flight. If it flies true, it will main­tain its ve­loc­ity bet­ter than a pel­let that wob­bles in flight, so will get to the tar­get sooner, have a flat­ter tra­jec­tory, and will drift less off tar­get in the wind. I like the the­ory, but I needed to see the ef­fect in ac­tion with my own eyes. I ran a test with my Air Arms S410 fit­ted with one of Neil’s strip­pers, but un­for­tu­nately, the bad weather spoiled my re­sults, so I need to do it again in bet­ter con­di­tions.

My job brings me into con­tact with some of the bright­est minds in the air­gun industry so I thought it would be wise to ask them what they know about strip­pers. You re­mem­ber when I said, ‘ the more I know the less I un­der­stand’?

“My job brings me into con­tact with some of the bright­est minds in the

air­gun industry”


At the Mid­land Game Fair, I sat down with air­gun guru, Nick Jenk­in­son, and said, “Tell me all you know.” About an hour later, I was left with a head full of ex­per­i­ments, bar­rels, pel­let al­loys and muz­zle flip com­pen­sators, but no clear an­swer. Over the years, Nick has ex­per­i­mented with any num­ber of muz­zle-mounted de­vices, some of which were suc­cess­ful whilst oth­ers showed no real ben­e­fit, and he wasn’t clear if the strip­per the­ory worked – and if I were not con­fused enough, he threw in a new the­ory.

Top: Man­u­fac­tur­ers of com­pe­ti­tion guns be­lieve that a strip­per is ben­e­fi­cial

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