Ed­die Jones goes lamp­ing but the weather isn’t kind

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Test­ing a new scope in lamp­ing con­di­tions, with a hand- held torch, while suf­fer­ing from wind, would daunt a lesser man, but not Ed­die!

This month sees the deadly duo tak­ing on a bunny-bash­ing ses­sion that had been planned since our last out­ing to­gether on the pigeons. The ground I had cho­sen for this ses­sion was a lo­cal one, which I had not shot on for a while. When tak­ing a friend on one of your grounds, it is pretty im­por­tant that they know where your bound­aries are, and the lie of the land. It is bad enough when shoot­ing in daylight, if you’re not aware of any un­seen ditches or lit­tle streams that are cov­ered over with green­ery, and I know this only too well. I have been in­vited on grounds my­self, and got a good drench­ing af­ter fall­ing into a rag­ing tor­rent of a stream at night. I had planned to meet Mick an hour be­fore dark so that we could have a walk around and I would show him the hotspots where he should see a few rab­bits, plus all the ob­sta­cles that could hurt an un­sus­pect­ing hunter con­cen­trat­ing on his prey.

Once con­fi­dent that Mick would not be in any dan­ger, we headed back to the truck for a cuppa and to dis­cuss the plan of at­tack. We de­cided it would be bet­ter to take half of the ground each; there is a track that the farmer has made right through the mid­dle of the fields, and this was our bound­ary. We also made sure that no mat­ter how tempt­ing, we would not shoot to­ward the track, just in case one of us was be­hind the cho­sen tar­get. It is sur­pris­ing how far a ric­o­chet can travel, so be safe when­ever you go out with a part­ner.

This ses­sion was also go­ing to be a tester for my new Hawke Air Max scope in the dark un­der lamp­ing con­di­tions, and fin­gers crossed, was go­ing to be as good as I know it is in low light. As al­ways, I let Mick take the best fields to give him a few shots - there’s noth­ing worse than see­ing a grown man cry­ing be­cause he has seen noth­ing (hun­dreds!) to shoot at, and missed them all, so I knew he would get some ac­tion where I was send­ing him.

Ready to go

Mick was the first to get his ri­fle ready. He had set his torch above his scope on a Weaver mount that was at­tached to the scope; it was a pretty neat setup and did not al­ter the bal­ance of the gun at all. I would be us­ing the trusty T7 LED Lenser with a fig­ure-of-eight mount. I took the torch from my bag and then re­alised I had left my mount at home. What a prat! I never forget to take that be­cause it’s in the bag with the torch all the time. Well, I’m not a de­featist, so I de­cided just to hold the torch un­der the stock and see how I got on with it. Mag­a­zines were all loaded up and Mick made a drink for us whilst we ea­gerly waited for it to get dark. Once it was dark enough, Mick set off on his own to the top half of the ground, and me, I went to the gate more or less op­po­site where we had been chat­ting and hav­ing a drink. Shin­ing the torch with its green fil­ter on, I spot­ted a


“I took the torch from my bag and then re­alised I had

left my mount at home. What a prat!”

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