The ed­i­tor waits to see if this re­mark­able ri­fle can change his opin­ion of bullpups

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Phill Price’s usual anti- bullpup stance is se­ri­ously com­pro­mised when he tests Daystate’s new Pul­sar

Bullpups are big fash­ion at the mo­ment, with ev­ery ma­jor man­u­fac­turer adding them to their range, ex­cept BSA. I’ll put my cards on the ta­ble up front and say that they didn’t ap­peal to me at all. I understand the list of per­ceived ben­e­fits in­clud­ing their short length, but I don’t re­mem­ber hav­ing trou­ble with guns that were too long. Apart from their Mar­mite looks, I sim­ply don’t get the han­dling. I like a ri­fle that slips into my shoul­der and is on aim as my cheek hits the comb, and there’s no bet­ter ex­am­ple of that than Daystate’s own Hunts­man Re­gal. This ri­fle is the best han­dling airgun I’ve ever owned. It seems to know where I want to aim and takes it­self there. I also own a Daystate Mk4, al­beit in a Mk3 stock. The rea­son for the change of tim­ber is be­cause it han­dles bet­ter. This is a high-power version that’s been my ev­ery­day hunt­ing gun for close to five years, so I know it like the back of my hand.

I told Daystate’s Mar­ket­ing Di­rec­tor my thoughts and the words in his re­sponse that I am able to print went along the lines of, ‘You’re miss­ing the point. Get off your arse, get out in the field and find out what the Pul­sar can do for your shoot­ing.’ Ooops! That didn’t go well. I thought that I’d bet­ter do as I was told, then. In some re­spects, the Pul­sar is the suc­ces­sor to my trusty Mk4 be­cause it uses an elec­tronic fir­ing sys­tem pro­gram­mable to suit your needs. In the left cheek piece is a small LCD screen that tells you cur­rent reser­voir pres­sure and the other in­for­ma­tion you need for pro­gram­ming. Power is sup­plied by six com­mon or gar­den AA bat­ter­ies, which pro­vide enough juice for 14,000 shots. The screen warns you when there are 1000 shots left, which should be enough time for even the lazi­est shooter to fit some new cells. I really like the idea of stan­dard bat­ter­ies so that you can change them at any time, sim­ply by re­mov­ing one stock bolt.

An elec­tronic ac­tion of­fers a huge

“The pis­tol grip of the Pul­sar is ac­tu­ally an af­ter­mar­ket up­grade for a Kalash­nikov AK47”

Below: I was im­pressed at just how still the Pul­sar was when fired

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