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Tracer has a new range of gun lamp kits that are fo­cus­able, as the F in the name sug­gests. They start from the F400 model, which can be cho­sen with ei­ther a white, red or green LED. The F600 has the abil­ity to change be­tween white, red, green or blue out­put at the flick of a switch. Fi­nally, the F900 is the pow­er­house of the range with a claimed 800 yards range. All fo­cus from a wide flood to a nar­row beam, to suit your need at that mo­ment. The kits are fully com­pre­hen­sive, in­clud­ing mounts, bat­ter­ies and charg­ers. Look out for in depth re­views in Air Gun­ner soon. www.deben.com/tracer Prices start from £ 89.99

To take their gun lights to a new level Tracer has made them fo­cus­able

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