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Ear­lier in the year, Jim Chap­man wrote an ar­ti­cle about hunt­ing wild tur­keys in Amer­ica with his airgun, which got me think­ing. Could we hunt geese over here with an airgun, too? They’re sim­i­lar-sized birds and we have lots of Canada geese on my friend’s farm, and they’re a real pest. He has an­other pal who shoots them from time to time us­ing 3” mag­num loads in his 12-bore shot­gun, but once he’s fired a shot they fly off and don’t come back that day. What do you think? Paul Ed­wards

Hello Paul, My ad­vice to you is to leave them to the shot­gun guys. Geese are big, pow­er­ful birds and they’re amaz­ingly tough. Jim used a very high-power ri­fle and waited a long time in a hide un­til he was sure that he had the

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