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I have just read the Novem­ber is­sue of Air Gun­ner, in par­tic­u­lar the bore clean­ing tip, well, and I would like to share my way of do­ing this. I use the fil­ters that smok­ers of hand-rolling tobacco use. For my Air Arms S400 in .22, I use the larger tips. Firstly, I soak three or four in gun oil and fire them at an old Ar­gos cat­a­logue, then I put the same amount through dry. I find that this is enough to keep the bore clean. I hope that this tip will be of use to your read­ers. Ian Pot­ter

Hello Ian That sounds like a good idea and I guess you could buy them from most cor­ner shops. Am I right in think­ing that they’re quite cheap, too? Even bet­ter! If peo­ple are go­ing to use these in spring/pis­ton guns re­mem­ber that they need a nor­mal pel­let fired t hrough be­hind them, so it needs to be done where a strong and safe pel­let trap is avail­able to catch the shot. Ed.

Are these a cheap al­ter­na­tive to com­mer­cial wads?

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