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Don’t you think it was dan­ger­ous of Char­lie Port­lock to climb a tree with a gun? My dad al­ways told me off for climb­ing trees be­cause of the dan­ger of fall­ing, so do­ing it with a gun is even worse. If he fell and landed on the gun it could in­jure him and ruin the gun as well. Mike

Hello Mike Sorry to go off on a rant, but I get re­ally fed up with the ‘nanny state’ never-do-any­thing-scary at­ti­tude. Char­lie is a grown man and a very in­tel­li­gent one at that. I think that he’s ca­pa­ble of mak­ing de­ci­sions about what’s good for him and what’s too dan­ger­ous. Fur­ther, if he hurts him­self, that’s his own fault and he’ll have to live with the con­se­quences. ‘Live and let live’ is my motto, and if a lit­tle risk makes you feel alive, then good on you, I say. Ed.

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