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If you turn to page 32, you can read my re­port on an ex­cel­lent day out at Air Arms. Ten lucky read­ers were in­vited to the Air Arms fac­tory to learn how their stun­ning and ac­cu­rate ri­fles are made, fol­lowed by an ex­cel­lent lunch. Whilst I was there I got my first look at their new Gala­had bullpup, or ‘sport pup’ as they call it. Many read­ers will know that bullpups are not my cup of tea, so I was in­ter­ested to han­dle this brand-new gun and I asked Air Arms about the mo­ti­va­tion that in­spired bring­ing such an in­ter­est­ing new gun to the mar­ket.

The an­swer was that they’re re­spond­ing to de­mand. Many of their in­ter­na­tional dis­trib­u­tors see a grow­ing mar­ket for such guns, and were keen to of­fer an Air Arms ver­sion. The re­search and de­vel­op­ment time needed to pro­to­type and fully de­velop a brand-new gun is in­cred­i­ble. The one you see in the pic­ture is, in fact, ver­sion seven. That’s right! They de­signed, drew, ma­chined and built six dif­fer­ent ver­sions be­fore the pro­duc­tion gun was signed off. That’s a mas­sive fi­nan­cial in­vest­ment and a credit to the com­pany for en­sur­ing that ev­ery de­tail was spot-on be­fore they be­gan pro­duc­tion.

Many peo­ple as­sume that bring­ing a new gun to the mar­ket is easy, but be­lieve me, they’re very wrong. Full pro­duc­tion of the Gala­had will be­gin soon and I’ll be first in the queue to get a sam­ple to re­view, and re­port back to you. Whether it changes my mind about bullpups re­mains to be seen.

All this han­dling of new ri­fles re­minded me that the way a gun fits your in­di­vid­ual physique is an of­ten over­looked el­e­ment of ac­cu­racy. Your dream ri­fle re­ally does need to fit you cor­rectly; it doesn’t mat­ter if it fits your friend, or some hot­shot at your gun club. To make my dream gun fit me bet­ter, I’ve had an ad­justable cheek piece fit­ted, as you can see on page 76. The Daystate Hunts­man Re­gal is al­ready one of the best han­dling guns on the mar­ket, but this im­prove­ment takes it to a new level. I’ll let you know how the pro­ject pro­gresses as the year rolls on.


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