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Of all the ques­tions I’ve been asked over the years, how to get per­mis­sion to hunt has been the en­quiry more times than all the oth­ers put to­gether. I know from my sur­veys that over 80% of you hunt, or would like to, and hunt­ing guns are far and away the big­gest sell­ers. Find­ing some­where to en­joy our sport is dif­fi­cult, I’m afraid to say, and I’ll tell you why in the form of a ques­tion. If a stranger knocked on your door and asked if he could shoot in your gar­den, what would you say? Would you won­der if he was safe? Would you be con­cerned that he might steal your lawn mower? You’re not go­ing to just say yes, now are you?

When we ask a farmer if we can shoot on his land, his feel­ings are just the same. He might worry about his build­ings, his farm­ing equip­ment and a care­less pel­let caus­ing dam­age. Al­low­ing an armed man to wan­der around your land isn’t some­thing to be done lightly. By al­low­ing you to be there he could be­come re­spon­si­ble for your ac­tions. Of course, a hard-work­ing air­gun­ner can of­fer a valu­able ser­vice free of charge, but you’ll have to gain his trust first.

On page 92, I’ve of­fered some thoughts on how you might achieve suc­cess in find­ing a per­mis­sion by us­ing some lat­eral think­ing, and re­mem­ber, never give up. Your chance is out there some­where.

I’ve been shoot­ing a re­mark­able Co2 ri­fle this month that re­ally is like noth­ing else I’ve ever tried. The SIG MPX is a per­fect replica of the cen­tre­fire, sub-ma­chine gun, of­fer­ing rapid-fire ac­tion, all in a fully UK le­gal pack­age. I had a blast with it, as did my friends who sim­ply loved it. Turn to page 45 for my full re­port.


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