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Ther­mal-imag­ing de­vices are ab­so­lutely in­cred­i­ble for find­ing an­i­mals at night, mak­ing any warm crea­ture stand out starkly against the cool back­ground of the coun­try­side; they leap out of the im­age, even if they’re be­hind cover like bushes or long grass. They’re also ex­cel­lent for find­ing shot game in rough cover, so you’ll never lose a shot rab­bit again. How­ever, they’re very ex­pen­sive, at a price few air­gun­ners would con­sider, so imag­ine our de­light when Scott Coun­try shocked us with the news that their new Seek Re­veal XR Fast Frame, hand-held ther­mal im­ager, which goes on sale at the North­ern Shoot­ing Show, is just £419.99! It’s about the size and weight of a large smart­phone, so will eas­ily fit into your pocket. We’ve or­dered a test sam­ple and can’t wait to get it into the field. Look out for an in depth re­view soon. www.scottcoun­

A ther­mal im­ager for £420? Yes it is!

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