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Your page in the March ed­i­to­rial try­ing to de­fend us air­gun­ners hunt­ing is a bit weak! I have been hunt­ing since I was 11 years old, start­ing with air­guns such as We­b­ley, BSA and the best gun of its time, the HW35 .22 Weihrauch, then on to shot­guns and firearms be­cause I was em­ployed as a game­keeper once I left school. I’m 50 years old this May and I go way back to the old Air­gun World ma­gus, but I have seen within your magazine lately, folks com­plain­ing about too many ar­ti­cles about shoot­ing ver­min. I started to buy your mag’ many years ago for the hunt­ing sto­ries and tips on how to im­prove my skills at a young age, many of which to this day keep me on top of my game. If folks want to shoot tar­gets then great, but if they want to moan about hunt­ing and do not like pics of shot quarry then ei­ther stop moan­ing or stop buy­ing this mag (I know you don’t want to hear this as prof­its will go down) but move on! Mr Duke

Hello I be­lieve in ‘live and let live’ and I un­der­stand that not every­body likes hunt­ing. How­ever, the vast ma­jor­ity of our readers hunt so the magazine’s con­tent re­flects what they want to read. I also feel a re­spon­si­bil­ity to show hunt­ing in its true light. Many peo­ple, if not most, have no un­der­stand­ing of what we do and are of­ten sur­prised and pos­i­tive about eat­ing wild meat when shown the facts. Ed

Wild meat is a great re­source for air­gun­ners

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