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I have an Air Arms Pro Sport in .177 and want to fit a si­lencer. Has it got to be in .177? I fit­ted a .22 one and it made no dif­fer­ence. I know it has one al­ready in­side the bar­rel shroud, but I wanted it made even qui­eter. Adrian

Hello Adrian. As­sum­ing that the si­lencer you tried was of good qual­ity, I’m pretty sure that you’ll never be able to hear the dif­fer­ence be­tween a .177 si­lencer and a .22 one. Only pre­ci­sion deci­bel me­ters can mea­sure such things. If you’d like your spring-pis­ton gun to be qui­eter, you might want to con­sider hav­ing the ac­tion tuned by a pro­fes­sional gun­smith. The noise from the ac­tion of even a high-qual­ity springer can of­ten be muted, as Char­lie Portlock found out in his ar­ti­cle this month. Ed.

Most air­gun si­lencers are made in .22 but work just as well for .177

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