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. If the ben­e­fit of.177 is the flat­ter tra­jec­tory, and the draw­back is that the pel­let is too light, and the ben­e­fit of the .22 is that it hits harder, and the draw­back is the ‘loop­ier’ tra­jec­tory, why isn’t .20 more pop­u­lar? Surely it com­bines the best of both of the other cal­i­bres?

QGURU SAYS: In the­ory, what you say is ab­so­lutely right. In prac­tice, it’s not nearly so clear cut. Let’s be­gin at the be­gin­ning. The largest mar­ket for .20 pel­lets is, and al­ways has been, North Amer­ica, and pel­let man­u­fac­tur­ers, not only in North Amer­ica, but also Europe and

Aother parts of the world, make pel­lets that they think will sell in the largest mar­ket. In North Amer­ica, there is no limit on air­gun muz­zle en­ergy, and so there is no in­cen­tive to of­fer a light­weight .20 pel­let that, in the UK, would give muz­zle ve­loc­ity half­way be­tween .177 and .22 at en­er­gies near our 12 ft.lbs. limit, be­cause peo­ple can have any muz­zle ve­loc­ity that’s phys­i­cally pos­si­ble, and as a re­sult, .20 pel­let weights tend to be closer to .22 weights than .177. In the­ory, medium weight .177 pel­lets with around 11.5 ft. lbs. of muz­zle en­ergy should give muz­zle ve­loc­i­ties ap­proach­ing 800fps, .22 nearer 600fps, so we might rea­son­ably as­sume that the cal­i­bre in the mid­dle, .20, should give around 700fps, with a re­ally use­ful tra­jec­tory mid-way be­tween the other two, but in prac­tice it doesn’t. Let’s take the ex­cel­lent H& N Field Tar­get Trophy (FTT), rightly one of the most pop­u­lar pel­lets in .20. If we take the weight of the .177 of 8.6 grains, di­vide by the .177 cross-sec­tional area and mul­ti­ply by the .20 cross-sec­tional area to scale the weight up, we end up with 10.6 grains. At 11.5 ft. lbs., the .177 would be do­ing 789fps, and a 10.6g .20 would be do­ing 699fps – to all in­tents and pur­poses, 700 fps, but the .20 FTT isn’t 10.6 grains; the lat­est

The selec­tion of pel­lets in .20 is a frac­tion of that in the other cal­i­bres

The Weihrauch range seem to be the most pop­u­lar .20 springers in the UK

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