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Alet­ter from a sup­port­ive, yet highly crit­i­cal reader chal­lenged me to think though my hunt­ing ethics this month. He said that we should all stop hunt­ing dur­ing the sum­mer in case we or­phaned any young an­i­mals or birds. Rather than of­fer­ing my own re­sponse, I asked our hunt­ing writers for their thoughts and on page 101 of this month’s ex­panded mag­a­zine, Jamie Chan­dler re­sponded, with a clear and elo­quent ex­pla­na­tion. Ed­die Jones also re­sponded. He said “He has his views and it’s up to him. One of the many rea­sons I keep rab­bit num­bers down in the sum­mer is that ‘myxi’ will kill a ground if left to over­pop­u­late in the sum­mer months. I’m suf­fer­ing that now on one par­tic­u­lar ground. It’s also down to look­ing after horses, be­cause if rab­bits dig holes that can break a horse’s leg then pest con­trol is nec­es­sary. We shouldn’t need to jus­tify why we do it for his sake, but I hope you put it in the mag­a­zine. He won’t be the only one with those prin­ci­ples, but so be it.”

What’s clear from this is that we hunters don’t just go and kill. We kill for spe­cific rea­sons, in a con­sid­ered and cal­cu­lated ap­proach. Some peo­ple have sug­gested that I shouldn’t print the let­ter, but I feel that hid­ing away through fear is the wrong ap­proach to those who crit­i­cise us. We should stand proud and ex­plain our con­sid­ered ac­tions. Any­body who eats a fac­to­ry­farmed Chicken McNugget has much more to an­swer for than we do when do­ing our best for the coun­try­side’s landown­ers.

I feel strongly that we should be proud of the good work we do and the care we take in do­ing it. Hid­ing from our en­e­mies makes them feel stronger and all too of­ten they know noth­ing of what we do, but just see ‘killing fluffy bun­nies’ as bad. Let’s tell them the truth and of­fer them a slice of rab­bit pie so that they know what they’re miss­ing. Ed.

Putting de­li­cious, free- range, or­ganic meat on our ta­ble is just one rea­son we hunt Photo by LW Yang

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