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Hello Sam, I think that this is a ques­tion for the man­u­fac­tur­ers, not a mag­a­zine editor. Would I read the Guru’s ar­ti­cle on .20 cal­i­bre and I think he’s missed the point. I have four .20 ri­fles and they’re much bet­ter than .177 and .22s. I used to use .22s, but I find the .20 bet­ter at long range be­cause I don’t have to aim so far above the brain. They hit re­ally hard too, so I never lose them any­more. They al­ways drop on the spot. There should be a lot more .20s on sale in my opin­ion. Char­lie

Guru gave the facts, not an opin­ion, to help us un­der­stand what re­ally goes on with dif­fer­ent cal­i­bres

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