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We all need a good rest to hold our ri­fles steady as we work on them. These come in many dif­fer­ent forms, but what about if you had one that did dou­ble duty on the fir­ing line? Most rests are fixed in po­si­tion, so are of no use for jobs like ze­ro­ing and pel­let test­ing, but the RuggedRest from The Shoot­ing Party is quite dif­fer­ent. The two padded parts that con­tact your ri­fle are on a piv­ot­ing arm that can be pre­cisely ad­justed with a threaded bar, let­ting you set your ver­ti­cal el­e­ment per­fectly. Side to side is ad­justed by sim­ply slid­ing the rest on the bench, and the fore end rest pad can be ad­justed ver­ti­cally to get you roughly set to adapt to any shape of ri­fle.

I think the name RuggedRest came from the amount of thick-walled, box-sec­tion steel used in the con­struc­tion. Sub­tle it is not. This is a big chunky job with a good heft to prove that it’s made to last. The weight is a good thing on the work­shop bench, and the range bench too. You don’t want any­thing flimsy and wob­bly when you’re try­ing to get the very best groups you can.

No so sim­ple

I sup­pose you could say that this is quite a sim­ple de­vice, but I think that would be to sell it short. It’s clear that a lot of time and ef­fort has been put into mak­ing this as ef­fec­tive as it is, and things like the ad­justable-height front feet and solid con­tact points show that it was de­signed by peo­ple who know about shoot­ing.

The assembly in­struc­tions leave much to be de­sired, but there’s only a hand­ful of parts in the box, and if I can work out how it goes to­gether, then any­body can. I’m pri­mar­ily a PCP shooter so this is ideal for me, but I’m not sure how it would af­fect the fir­ing cy­cle of a re­coil­ing gun.

On the range, it took just sec­onds to get my­self set up and shoot­ing. As I’d hoped, the RuggedRest felt solid and sta­ble, mak­ing pre­ci­sion shoot­ing eas­ily pos­si­ble. It’s also handy to be able to leave the gun on aim as you reload mag­a­zines or change scope set­tings. Over­all, I en­joyed us­ing it and might have to drop a hint to The Shoot­ing Party to see if I could add it to my test kit per­ma­nently.

www.the-shoot­ing-party.co.uk Tel 01543 480 361 RRP £49.99

“As I’d hoped, the RuggedRest felt solid and sta­ble, mak­ing pre­ci­sion shoot­ing eas­ily pos­si­ble”

Mainw: The name says it all. From the bench it felt good and solid

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