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Can you, or one of your bril­liant team, help me with ad­vice on pur­chas­ing a We­b­ley Mk II ser­vice air ri­fle and the We­b­ley (Pre 1975) air pis­tols? I know my way around flint­locks and per­cus­sion guns, but have started to get in­ter­ested in early We­b­ley air­guns and would like to know what are the ba­sic things to look­out for to get hold of a goodun, and steer clear of prob­lem guns? Trace. Hello Trace I’ll dis­cuss this with some of my col­leagues to see if some kind of ad­vice ar­ti­cle can be put to­gether. I know noth­ing at all about col­lect­ing so I need my experts to write about it. Ed.

Col­lect­ing is great fun but you need to know what to look for

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