The edi­tor has a blast with Gamo’s lat­est Co2 re­volver

Air Gunner - - Co2 Pistol - Pis­tol £135.00 Match pel­lets £4.99 Co2 cap­sules (pack of 5) £ 5.99

Co2 pis­tols are pure fun and big re­volvers like Gamo’s PR-776 is just my kind of gun. The large, heavy frame gives a real heft in the hand and helps to sta­bilise the aim. It’s not ob­vi­ous to me that it was de­signed as a replica of any par­tic­u­lar full-bore hand­gun, rather it takes its style from sev­eral man­u­fac­tur­ers. I can See Smith & Wes­son in the frame, Colt in the ham­mer and Ruger in the bar­rel shroud. All this adds up to mak­ing a hand­some pis­tol. The fin­ish is a metal­lic paint which should of­fer cor­ro­sion re­sis­tance to the al­loy it’s cast from.

As with the ma­jor­ity of hand­guns of this type, the 12 gramme Co2 cap­sule lives inside the grips and has a turn-buckle screw to drive it onto the pierc­ing probe up inside the ac­tion. The grips them­selves have a ‘peb­bled’ tex­tur­ing and deep fin­ger grooves for a solid and as­sured hold.

Real feel

I par­tic­u­larly liked the han­dling and func­tion­al­ity, which is truly re­al­is­tic. The cylin­der catch is just like the clas­sic Smith & Wes­son, be­ing pushed for­ward to re­lease. Pulled fully back, the same slide en­gages the safety. As the crane swings the cylin­der out with your left hand, you de­press the ejec­tor rod with your palm, which lifts the eight-shot pel­let holder up, to be taken by your right hand. The pel­let hold­ers are metal and you get two with the re­volver. This is ex­cel­lent and Gamo de­serves praise for it. Any­body shoot­ing ac­tion games with this su­perb gun will adore be­ing able to do prop­erly fast reloads. Of­ten guns come with just one, and spares can­not be bought, so this makes the PR-776 a top, prac­ti­cal com­pe­ti­tion choice.

On top of this, the sights are big and clear with the front el­e­ment hav­ing a bright white dot added for clar­ity. If it were my gun, I’d add the cor­re­spond­ing dots to the rear sight to com­plete the pic­ture, quite lit­er­ally.

With an av­er­age of 290fps driv­ing Gamo’s .177 Match pel­let (7.56 grains) the PR-776 de­liv­ered around 1.1/2 ft.lbs. giv­ing the pel­let catcher a good clang for each shot. That’s cer­tainly enough power to send the bean cans spin­ning, and with ac­cu­racy to match it’s a great Co2 re­volver and well worth a look.

“I par­tic­u­larly liked the han­dling and func­tion­al­ity, which is truly re­al­is­tic”

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