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I’m pleased you had a good day pi­geon shoot­ing. I see Phil Hard­man got the credit for hid­ing de­coys in tyre ruts and longer stub­ble, when I wrote in and told Air­gun World that a cou­ple of months ago. I know he pinched the idea from me, be­cause he has never writ­ten or said it in Air­gun World or on YouTube - just had to get that off my chest. I’ve shot over 100 birds this har­vest, but now you need to be in the woods. I’ve got an­other good tip, if it’s not too late in your area; you need to be in the woods now - they’re not called wood­pi­geons for noth­ing. Pi­geons are in there now feed­ing on beech mast and acorns, not on the floor, but up in the trees, pulling acorns and beech mast off the branches. Some leaves have fallen off now, just enough to see the birds. Put your hide up near these trees. They’re up there mak­ing loads of noise pulling acorns off and flap­ping around from branch to branch. You should get plenty of shoot­ing be­cause they don’t hear the shot, and think their com­pan­ions are just mov­ing about. Now for the im­por­tant bit - leave the birds where they drop un­til the end or the oth­ers will all fly away. I’ve just been out to­day and had a suc­cess­ful af­ter­noon shoot­ing dou­ble fig­ures, plus a cou­ple of bonus grey squir­rels and mag­pies, but the ic­ing on the cake was see­ing a fox come up very close and pinch one - he needs it more than I do. I hope you can give it a try, Phill. Great mag­a­zine by the way. Steve Hello Steve I’m hop­ing to get some time to go pi­geon de­coy­ing again soon and as you men­tion, from what I’m see­ing they seem to be busy un­der the beech and oak trees, as well as up in the branches. I’ve re­ally en­joyed go­ing after the pi­geons this year and want to de­velop my skills and equip­ment, so all tips are wel­come. By the way, I had a chat to Phil who as­sures me that he’s been us­ing that tip for years and years be­cause it’s a well known tac­tic used by many, in­clud­ing the leg­endary John Dar­ling. Ed.

With the har­vest long gone the pi­geons have turned to the woods for their food

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