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Your ar­ti­cle on pel­let prepa­ra­tion in the Fe­bru­ary edi­tion has re­ally caused a row among my mates and I. Most of the peo­ple I shoot with swear by wash­ing, lu­bri­cat­ing and se­lect­ing their pel­lets to get the best ammo pos­si­ble, but your ar­ti­cle blows that out of the wa­ter. It seems I was right all along and all of that has­sle re­ally isn’t worth the bother for what we get out of it. Thanks for that, although my mates still dis­agree with you. Mark Phillpot

Hello Mark I as­sure you, Mark, that plenty of my mates dis­agree with me, too! The fact is, if pre­par­ing pel­lets gives a shooter more con­fi­dence then they’ll shoot bet­ter be­cause of it. It’s all about what works for us and our own kind of shoot­ing. I know what I pre­fer to do, but oth­ers have a per­fect right to do things their way. Ed.

Does pel­let prepa­ra­tion mat­ter? To some peo­ple it does

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