Blow-back CO2 pis­tols al­ways have that ex­tra level of fun, the ed­i­tor tells us

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Phill Price tries out the all-metal C-15 from Gamo; a great CO2 plink­ing pis­tol

As with many things in life, choos­ing a CO2 plink­ing pis­tol is all about com­pro­mises. Do you want the max­i­mum num­ber of shots you can from each CO2 cap­sule? Or do you pre­fer the added re­al­ism of a blow-back action? The choice is easy for me – blow-back ev­ery time! Gamo re­cently sent me their C-15, which has a nice heft be­cause of its all-metal build. Even the slide is metal which adds mo­men­tum to the move­ment as it cy­cles back and forth.

It’s styled long the lines of a mod­ern 9mm ser­vice pis­tol with its am­bidex­trous moulded plas­tic grips. The grips might be am­bidex­trous, but the high-mounted safety and magazine re­lease but­tons are placed for right-handed shoot­ers only.

Load­ing a 12- gramme CO2 cap­sule is child’s play. You first re­lease the plas­tic assem­bly that com­prises the back strap and magazine ex­ten­sion, then drop in the cap­sule and drive it up into the action with the tog­gle screw in the base. The magazine is much more in­ter­est­ing and orig­i­nal. At each end it has an 8-shot ro­tary magazine for 16-shot to­tal ca­pac­ity. Bet­ter still, it drops free of the mag’ well with a press of the re­lease but­ton, al­low­ing a fresh one to be in­stantly loaded. This makes it a good choice for rapid-fire drills that dic­tate reloads.

Com­bat ready

Be­ing dou­ble-action, the trig­ger’s move­ment is very long, but well suited to smaller hands. Where the trig­ger ac­tu­ally breaks, the blade is right back against the grip, so those with big hands should try be­fore you buy to make sure that it will suit you. The com­bat-style open sights are not ad­justable, but they are big and bold, en­hanced with white dots to add clar­ity. They shot just slightly high and right for my two-handed hold, but I still had no trou­ble keep­ing all my shots on a typ­i­cal IPAS-style tar­get, even dur­ing rapid fire. Three-inch groups at 10 yards with the first pel­let I picked up tells me that this gun has lots of po­ten­tial when the right pel­let is found through care­ful test­ing.

The trig­ger does two jobs. Firstly, it ro­tates the magazine to line up the next pel­let with the bar­rel, and sec­ondly, it drops the ham­mer to strike the valve that re­leases the CO2. If you don’t al­low the trig­ger to go all the way for­ward with each shot, the pis­tol will fire on an empty cham­ber, but I soon ad­justed to this af­ter mak­ing the mis­take once or twice.

This is a great lit­tle pis­tol and tons of fun. The build qual­ity feels good and I note that Gamo has these made in Ja­pan where they have a great rep­u­ta­tion for build­ing re­li­able guns. Over­all, I’d say this is a great lit­tle plinker with the bonus that it has the po­ten­tial to com­pete in action sports as well.

“Three- inch groups at 10 yards with the first pel­let I picked up tells me that this gun has lots of po­ten­tial”

What you see here is a recipe for guar­an­teed fun The magazine has an 8-shot ro­tary pel­let holder at each end

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