Neil Price brings a clas­sic trig­ger back to its best

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Part two of Neil’s Weihrauch Rekord trig­ger re­fur­bish­ment - fully re­stored to its for­mer glory

11 Mid­dle sear.

12 Bot­tom sear.

13 Af­ter all the com­po­nent parts have been care­fully pol­ished and thor­oughly cleaned, it is time for re­assem­bly. The first item to be re­assem­bled is the mid­dle sear. This is an older trig­ger with a sep­a­rate spacer that goes on the right-hand side of the unit. Later trig­gers have a boss in­te­gral with the mid­dle sear.

14 When the spacer, mid­dle sear and spring have been re­assem­bled with the cross pin in po­si­tion, the long arm of the ten­sion spring has to be lo­cated on top of the 2mm di­am­e­ter cross pin as in­di­cated on the pho­to­graph. Be­fore I re­assem­ble any of the com­po­nents, I al­ways try the cross pins in the parts that they go through. This is to make sure that there are no burrs on the ends of the pins and that they are free to ro­tate.

15 Once the mid­dle sear has been fit­ted and the ten­sion spring cor­rectly lo­cated, I hold the sear out of the way with an elas­tic band, as shown. This gives me enough clear­ance within the trig­ger hous­ing to fit the bot­tom sear.

16 The bot­tom sear sits in­side the bot­tom sear guide and is in­serted into the trig­ger hous­ing from the front of the unit. Lin­ing up the sear and guide with the cross pin can be a bit ex­as­per­at­ing, and some lan­guage con­tain­ing many ex­ple­tives may be ex­pe­ri­enced.

17 With the bot­tom sear fit­ted, the elas­tic band hold­ing the mid­dle sear can be re­moved, and the hol­low dowel stop fit­ted ad­ja­cent to the mid­dle sear.

18 The top sear and ten­sion spring can now be re­assem­bled with the hol­low dowel in the po­si­tion shown

19 The long arm of the ten­sion spring is lo­cated as shown on top of the 2mm di­am­e­ter cross pin.

20 The owner had sup­plied a Rowan Engi­neer­ing set-back trig­ger to be fit­ted.

21 Again, make sure that the cross pin slides freely through the new trig­ger be­fore fit­ting it in the unit.

22 Now fit the trig­ger ten­sion spring and ad­just­ing screw. Make sure that the spring fits freely through the hole in the trig­ger hous­ing. If it is tight, then you will not be able to set the trig­ger first pres­sure cor­rectly. Clean the hole out un­til the spring is goes through freely. I set the trig­ger ten­sion by cock­ing the trig­ger unit and then ad­just­ing the ten­sion spring un­til just a light first pres­sure can be felt.

23 That seems to be okay. The sec­ond pres­sure is break­ing at ¾lb force and has nil creep or graunch. The trig­ger also with­stands the stan­dard ‘ bump’ test. The bump test is when the sears disen­gage if the unit is bumped, and if the trig­ger unit were fit­ted to the ri­fle, the ri­fle would dis­charge.

24 The last thing I do is to put a smear of graphite grease on all of the sear con­tact points.

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