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I’m thea keenI name­was hunter taughtof Peter and the Davies,have ba­sics beena by frienda for wise manyof manmy fa­ther, who re­garded prepa­ra­tion as the most im­por­tant part of the hunt­ing process. Peter al­ways told me that I’d put more in the bag by be­ing in the right place for an hour, than if I was in the wrong place all day. He was ab­so­lutely right, too, and although Peter’s been gone for al­most ten years now, his teach­ings still form the foun­da­tion of my hunt­ing.

Time spent find­ing feed­ing and drink­ing spots, roost­ing places, and areas where your quarry turns up on a reg­u­lar ba­sis, and just as im­por­tantly, when it turns up at all, is time well spent. In my ex­pe­ri­ence, hunt­ing trips are far more pro­duc­tive if they’re prop­erly planned, so how about get­ting your hunt­ing ex­perts to teach the read­ers how to do this? Thanks for a bril­liant magazine. Dave Har­ris Hello Dave Please read Char­lie Port­lock’s monthly ar­ti­cle in which he does ex­actly as you sug­gest. He’s tak­ing field­craft to a new level and is well worth a read. Ed.

Prepa­ra­tion is key, says Dave Har­ris – and we agree with him!

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