UKAHFT Round 1 – Quarry

Gary Chilling­worth shoots a per­fect score, with a springer, too!

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Here we are again! It’s the start of a new HFT year and that means it’s time to strap on your shoot­ing boots and head to Quarry Hunters in deep­est, dark­est Wales.

The UKAHFT – or ‘ the Na­tion­als’ as it’s bet­ter known – is the place where you go to test your met­tle against the best in the coun­try. It’s also a place to see friends, have a great time shoot­ing tin chick­ens in won­der­ful scenery, and en­joy great com­pany. The Na­tion­als is about com­pet­ing against oth­ers as well as your­self, and we are proud to say that we are open to all safe shoot­ers with all types of gun. We have cat­e­gories from Kids to Veter­ans, Ladies, .22, Re­coil­ing and the big kahuna, the Open class. We also have shoot­ers of all abil­i­ties from top guns like World Cham­pion, James McClach­lan, to new boys like Danny Roff, who is start­ing his jour­ney in the world of UKAHFT with his trusty AR20 (pic­tured).

What I love most about the na­tion­als though is the fact that it’s a real fam­ily af­fair and it’s the per­fect place for mums and dads to spend time with their kids. For in­stance, chil­dren like Ri­ley Cheyne, his brother Darcy, and their dad took on the might of Quarry, and even though the boys are some of our younger shoot­ers, they both scored a very im­pres­sive 37 – we won’t speak about their dad’s score. Quarry is the spir­i­tual home of HFT and un­der the lead­er­ship of Peter Sparks it has al­ways been the place to shoot. With wind de­liv­ered from the heav­ens and a course that has lit­er­ally been hewn from a moun­tain­side, Quarry is a true test of shoot­ers abil­ity.

No Ex­ag­ger­a­tion

Pete is a sadist at heart and even though this venue is hard enough to shoot at, Peter and his course-set­ting min­ion, Der­ick Stone, felt the need to place tar­gets high on poles, and tar­gets like peg 10, where the wind whipped through and you had to aim 37

feet off the plate to pre­vent your­self from miss­ing com­pletely.

The course tore many shoot­ers apart, but I can hon­estly say it was one of the best Quarry cour­ses that I have shot. I watched shoot­ers like Nigel Wood knock over tar­gets with his TX200, when many shoot­ers with top- end PCPs strug­gled even to hit the plate.

Round 1 was spon­sored by those won­der­ful peo­ple at Air Arms, and Perry Broad was the proud win­ner of an AA S400; there were also goodie bags and Flopover tar­gets, plus £ 275 in cash given away. To see the full list of prize winners visit :- www.

Huge thanks to Quarry and the team – it was a won­der­ful day and I look for­ward to com­ing back next year.

A Per­fect Day

I have been shoot­ing for just over 10 years now, and it would be fair to say that I have had my ups and downs. I have been lucky enough to get into the top five at the UKAHFT Na­tion­als se­ries, and earned the right to rep­re­sent Team Eng­land at the World Cham­pi­onships in 2012 and 2013, and then I’ve had days when I couldn’t hit the broad­side of a barn.

The one thing that has eluded me over the years, is a per­fect score; the HFT equiv­a­lent of a 147 break in snooker or a per­fect 300 game in 10-pin bowl­ing, the per­fect 60 is what we all strive for.

As some of you may know, I re­cently ditched my Steyr PCP and moved into the world of spring guns. For me, this has rein­vig­o­rated my shoot­ing life. I once again want to get out and prac­tise, and I no longer rely on past ex­pe­ri­ence and glory to get me through. Pick­ing up a spring gun has opened new worlds for me and I truly love it.

These are my favourite things

One of my favourite things is to shoot the Sus­sex In­ter­club se­ries, along with the UKAHFT and the South­ern and Mid­land Hunters. It is one of the finest places to be on a Sun­day, filled with a bunch of mick­ey­tak­ing repro­bates, the SIHFT is a home from home.

The new 2017 sea­son pre­sented us with a new chal­lenge. ‘ Swal­lows’ has al­ways been a great club, only let down by a ground that was on the bi­joux side of small, but they now have a won­der­ful ground that on the day of round one was full of blue­bells and tweet­ing birds.

I turned up at the shoot in good spir­its. I had been work­ing hard with my springer and I felt con­fi­dent that I was go­ing to shoot well. The week be­fore, I had been lay­ing the ground­work for an ar­ti­cle on pre­ci­sion shoot­ing and train­ing, which is in this month’s magazine and well worth a read.

As we started, the gun was feel­ing won­der­ful. The TX200HC is a great bit of kit; ac­cu­rate, easy to work on, and with a bit of fet­tling, very easy to shoot, and be­fore long I was 20 tar­gets in and I hadn’t missed.

Shoot­ers around me were start­ing to look ev­ery time I took a shot and even though I scraped in on a few short tar­gets, they were all fall­ing over. With five tar­gets to go, the nerves started to kick in and I started to be­lieve that a pos­si­ble per­fect 60 was on the cards.

As I stood at my fi­nal tar­get, I took a mo­ment to drink it in. It was a 35mm kill zone at 40-plus yards, and there was wood in the way, so I had to come up the peg a bit. I pulled the trig­ger, watched the tar­get fall over and then heard a small cheer from the peo­ple who were watch­ing, and my mate, Geoff, who had been keep­ing me calm for the last five pegs shook my hand.

The per­fect 60 is rare, and to do it with a spring gun is al­most un­heard of, but it’s been down to my friends who have helped me to de­velop my gun, and give away knowl­edge that has taken them a long time to come by. My spring gun odyssey has only just started, and over the com­ing year I hope to im­prove and learn, and just like my friends who have helped me, I prom­ise that any­thing I learn will be passed on to you.

“the nerves started to kick in and I started to be­lieve that a pos­si­ble per­fect 60 was on the cards”

Ri­ley Cheyne with his S200 was en­joy­ing his day

My per­fect score card

Danny Roff in his first UKAHFT event

The Quarry dragon is the tro­phy evey­one wants

The per­fect 60 badge from SiHFT

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