Some sub­tle im­prove­ments make this torch even bet­ter

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The edi­tor’s ‘go-to’ lamp; a com­pact, yet pow­er­ful torch from Fenix - the FD41

I’ve used Fenix torches for a long time be­cause they of­fer a lot of power in small pack­ages. They’re also quite rea­son­ably priced for the per­for­mance they de­liver and I’ve never had one let me down. How­ever, like all good things, I’ve never found one that was per­fect and be­cause of this, I was in­ter­ested when the new FD41 was re­leased and asked for a sam­ple to re­view.

The build is typ­i­cally Fenix, the body ma­chined from high-grade aluminium, hard an­odised and then all sealed up with ‘O’ rings. I know from ex­pe­ri­ence that they sur­vive the rough and tum­ble of lamp­ing, be­cause I’ve knocked and dropped them enough to re­veal any weak­nesses. Scratched and dented they might be, but they al­ways work.

The FD41 uses the com­mon 18650 Li-ion recharge­able bat­tery which gives a quite in­cred­i­ble 1 hour and 40 min­utes in ‘ turbo’ mode – 900 lu­mens. Yes, you did read that right – 900 lu­mens. It still blows my mind that such a small pocket torch can de­liver such an in­cred­i­ble out­put. In the ‘ high’ mode you’ll still get 3 hours and 50 min­utes, which is loads of power for most jobs. There’s even a very low power, 10-lu­men set­ting for fill­ing mags and other up- close work.

To make the most of all that out­put, the FD41 has a fo­cus mech­a­nism that al­lows you to nar­row it for long-range search­ing, and to broaden it for flood­light­ing an area such as when search­ing for downed rab­bits. The fo­cus col­lar ro­tates with­out a stop po­si­tion, so you just keep turn­ing to get what you want rather than go­ing back­wards and for­wards.

A real im­prove­ment for me over ear­lier mod­els is that the stain­less steel but­ton on the side that con­trols power out­put has been raised to make find­ing it with cold or gloved hands much eas­ier. You can pos­i­tively feel the edge of the but­ton un­der your thumb and that makes a big dif­fer­ence in the field when you need to change the power set­ting quickly.

As ever, Fenix sup­plies a belt pouch, a wrist lan­yard, spare seals switch cover, all backed up with an im­pres­sive 5-year war­ranty. This new lamp isn’t a huge step up in per­for­mance over the FD40 that I’ve been us­ing, but enough of one to have be­come my new go-to lamp as I head out of the door into the night. £ 84.95

“It still blows my mind that such a small pocket torch can de­liver such an in­cred­i­ble out­put”

Above: The new power but­ton is much eas­ier to feel. Right In­set: This clever-shaped lens and the ro­tat­ing col­lar of­fer a wide flood, through to a pen­cil beam

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