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Just read your ar­ti­cle on back- gar­den pol­i­tics, and I wanted to share with you what I have been us­ing for a back­stop for many years now. I use those blue breeze blocks. Pel­lets will en­ter them and pen­e­trate to 10/15mm and stop dead, even af­ter many shots in the same area. I usu­ally screw a piece of wood at the bot­tom edge and then sta­ple my tar­get cards to this. If you wish you can build a wall with five or six, to make a big­ger back­stop, no mor­tar re­quired, and if you do hit a joint be­tween blocks your pel­lets won’t travel through be­cause of the weight of the block above. I have sup­plied a photo of the type I use, although it did come off the ‘net. Many thanks Phill. Please get Char­lie Portlock out do­ing some more for­ag­ing. Thanks again. Dan Holme

Left: Does a build­ing block make the ideal pel­let catcher?

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