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First of all, con­grat­u­la­tions on a well-thought- out and in­for­ma­tive mag­a­zine. I was an Air Gun­ner reader in the mid-‘80s and com­ing back to it and air­guns in gen­eral 30 years later was a trip down mem­ory lane. The rea­son I write is about pel­let per­for­mance and ac­cu­racy be­cause re­cently I pur­chased an FX Bob­cat .177 PCP and I have been blown away by the ac­cu­racy at 50 yards. With most pel­lets, a re­peat­able three­quar­ter-inch group is pos­si­ble on a still day, with no fliers from each 16-shot mag­a­zine, and once ze­roed, I only had to ad­just for height with heav­ier pel­lets like H& N Baracu­das. How­ever, I tried a tin of Su­per Fields from a pre­mium

man­u­fac­turer and found the gun would spray them off to the left in a two-inch hor­i­zon­tal stripe, no mat­ter what I did, but upon switch­ing back to wad­cut­ters from the same brand the abil­ity to shoot out the bull came back. Both were on the same day, which was sunny and still, so is there a sim­ple ex­pla­na­tion for this pel­let anom­aly? Steve

Hello Steve Ev­ery airgun will have its pre­ferred pel­let and the num­ber of fac­tors that com­bine to pro­duce that ef­fect are mind blow­ing. Even two ap­par­ently iden­ti­cal guns from the same pro­duc­tion run can dif­fer. This is why I al­ways rec­om­mend test­ing your gun with as many pel­lets as pos­si­ble to find the ul­ti­mate win­ner. I have to say that I’ve never seen a wad­cut­ter, of any brand, group well at 50 yards, so you’ve seen some­thing I never have. It just goes to show the im­por­tance of pel­let test­ing to help you find the best one. Ed

Left: Ev­ery ri­fle will like a dif­fer­ent pel­let, so take the time to find which is best

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