Lovely, but what is it?

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I was pleased to see your pre­view on p52, Sum­mer is­sue. It looks to be a great value reproduction. I was in­trigued by your ref­er­ence to ‘Peace­maker’ – Colt .45 SAA – but this looks to me to rep­re­sent the Rem­ing­ton .44 1875, which puz­zles me.

Why, when Cros­man own the Rem­ing­ton brand, is it in­tended for re­lease as a Sheri­dan? Hello Mike There has been some dis­cus­sion about what the name of this pis­tol will be, and we’ll let you know when we have it con­firmed. As you say, it does look more like a Rem­ing­ton, so we’ll have to wait and see what it’s called when it ar­rives in the shops. Ed.

What­ever this re­volver will be called, we like it!

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