Phill Price dis­cov­ers some wooden cut-out tar­gets, with a little ex­tra some­thing that makes plink­ing fun

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Iwas a little taken aback re­cently when one of my club mates, Justin Wood, who is a su­per-se­ri­ous, field tar­get shooter, was singing the praises of what I con­sid­ered to be a plink­ing tar­get. It seemed so un­like him to care about any­thing that can’t be mea­sured to 1/1000th of a mil­lime­tre. Surely he wouldn’t shoot for fun? The an­swer was, no. The tar­gets might be fun, but the pur­pose of shoot­ing them was all about ac­cu­racy. What he was get­ting to was that to be as ac­cu­rate as you can be, you need to put in the hours and shoot­ing pa­per tar­gets is … well … bor­ing. There – I said it!

He was find­ing that the wooden cutouts from Cus­tom Tar­get were keep­ing his in­ter­est. In fact, he felt mo­ti­vated to knock out the next dot or cir­cle, which helped him to keep his fo­cus dur­ing long train­ing ses­sions. Another ben­e­fit of these tar­gets is that the ‘ kill-zones’, for want of a bet­ter de­scrip­tion, are very small, and if you shoot them at 10 yards, they’re a de­cent chal­lenge. He was shoot­ing them at com­pe­ti­tion dis­tances, test­ing his al­ready im­pres­sive skills to their very limit. Of course, this is what you do if you want to be the best; if you want to beat the rest … ded­i­ca­tion’s what you need. If any reader gets that TV ref­er­ence, please email me and I’ll find a prize for the first cor­rect an­swer!


Cus­tom Tar­gets sent me a few of their most pop­u­lar tar­gets which have stacks of aim points spread across all sorts of in­ter­est­ing shapes. The 3mm hard­board is laser- cut and has an ad­van­tage over sim­i­lar tar­gets in that it doesn’t shat­ter or splin­ter, mak­ing clean­ing up after a shoot­ing ses­sion easy.

They of­fer a metal mount­ing spike to hold your tar­get, but as I didn’t have one I clamped the tar­get to some metal poles and placed a thick paving slab be­hind, to stop the pel­lets.

At 25 yards, I have to say that the kill zones looked pretty small, which added to the feel­ing of suc­cess each time I knocked one out. With so many to choose from, you can be sure of a good long ses­sion be­fore need­ing to re­place the tar­get, and that makes for a load of fun with very little walk­ing up and down the range to re­fresh the tar­get.

Prices start from just £1.99 for the an­i­mal-shaped tar­gets and I’m told that we should ex­pect a whole range of new and in­ter­est­ing de­sign vari­ants in the com­ing months. Can you have se­ri­ous fun? I’m say­ing, yes!

There are loads of shapes and sizes to choose from

The small size of the kill zones make them re­ally chal­leng­ing

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