Mark Camoc­cio tells us why this great pis­tol still de­serves at­ten­tion

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Mark Cam­moc­cio an­swers his own ques­tion: Why is the Gamo Com­pact still one of the most pop­u­lar pis­tols around?

Last month, we took a look at the Gamo Com­pact, and be­gan to ap­pre­ci­ate why it re­mains such a firm favourite among pis­tol fans. It’s been around for a while, but its no-non­sense, sin­gle-stroke ac­tion is still im­mensely ap­peal­ing


I have large hands, and the palm con­tours of the anatom­i­cal grip just feel right. That said, I had a few dif­fer­ent shoot­ers use this pis­tol on test, and it seemed to suit all who tried it. Smaller hands are catered for be­cause the palm shelf that sits at the bot­tom of the grip is ad­justable, us­ing the large Allen bolt; slacken it off and slide the shelf up or down, and the hand is held nicely in po­si­tion.


The beauty of the sin­gle-stroke ac­tion is that it makes this pis­tol to­tally self­con­tained, and un­like a PCP, no bot­tle or pump is re­quired. In­stead, the ac­tion gen­er­ates its own power. Here’s how: Press the but­ton at the rear of the ac­tion which re­leases the top car­riage. Now pull up the en­tire top sec­tion of the ac­tion, and pull it smoothly all the way up and for­wards to the limit of its arc of travel. This out­ward mo­tion sucks air into the cylin­der, for­ward of the pis­ton. Now cham­ber a pel­let into the bar­rel, and push the top sec­tion smotthly back and down to close up the ac­tion. This re­verse travel com­presses the air, and the shot is ready.


Ad­just­ing the rear sight to zero the Com­pact is easy, but does re­quire a screw­driver. I quickly ditched the pel­lets pro­vided be­cause th­ese proved to be in­cred­i­bly tight, and in­con­sis­tently so. El­e­va­tion was easy, but the windage screw went in the op­po­site di­rec­tion to usual, which was bizarre. My main gripe, though, con­cerns the sight pic­ture be­cause the fore­sight bead, be­ing a lit­tle too wide, overly filled the rear notch in the aim, mak­ing it dif­fi­cult to be ul­tra­pre­cise. Ir­ri­tat­ing, but a quick dab of white cor­rec­tion fluid/ paint and a small cen­tre mark soon had things reme­died.

This small point aside, shoot­ing the Com­pact is a pleas­ant ex­pe­ri­ence. The match trig­ger blade can be ro­tated on its axis, al­though the pull weight is set by the fac­tory. All works well, and the cock­ing ef­fort over­all is fair. Just carry out the com­pres­sion stroke in one con­sis­tent, de­lib­er­ate mo­tion, and be care­ful not to catch the hand between the clos­ing ac­tion.

Con­sis­tency was good, as you would ex­pect from this re­coil­less power source, and so was ac­cu­racy, with sub half-inch over 10 yards rested, and 1.5inches shoot­ing freestyle, twohanded.


Still a win­ner: the Gamo Com­pact I find this a stylish and pur­pose­ful pis­tol

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