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I read and watch many airgun-re­lated magazines and videos, and agree or dis­agree to a greater or lesser ex­tent with what is said. In the past, I have never felt the need to com­ment on other peo­ple’s hon­estly held views and opin­ions, but the ar­ti­cle, ‘What’s in a name?’ has me all fired up. I have never agreed so whole­heart­edly with every word of an ar­ti­cle be­fore. It is so in line with the opin­ion I have per­son­ally held for some time. There are some writ­ers and pre­sen­ters for whom I would have the great­est re­spect oth­er­wise, who re­fer to game in un­nec­es­sar­ily neg­a­tive terms. If it is mo­rally jus­ti­fi­able to kill an an­i­mal for food, to pre­vent dam­age, nui­sance or dis­ease, I have no prob­lem with it. We don’t need to fur­ther jus­tify their killing with emo­tive terms. They aren’t scaly-tailed ver­min, egg-rob­bing pests, pie-fillers or any other deroga­tory term. They are sim­ply try­ing to sur­vive and do­ing what is nat­u­ral for them. Let’s re­spect them and call them by their given names.

Tony Kemp Hello Tony, Thank you for adding your voice to mine. I’m happy to see that you use the word ‘re­spect’. It’s one I value highly, both between peo­ple and an­i­mals, and I think the world could do with a lot more of it. Ed.

Clear­ing dam­ag­ing crea­tures from around the farm­yard is a job that needs to be done

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