Jane Price uses a sim­ple sauce that’s to­tally de­li­cious

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Jane Price serves up a tasty rab­bit meat­ball dish. Is it a snack, a main meal, a sim­ple sup­per? The choice is yours

Ihave men­tioned be­fore that I like to make good use of my freezer for all the game meat that Phill brings home and if you read my Bunny Burger recipe a cou­ple of months ago you may no­tice a sim­i­lar­ity with this Bunny Balls recipe. Of course, they were both made from the same haul of rab­bits which be­came one big bowl­ful of minced rab­bit and sausage meat. Half of the mix­ture I made into burg­ers and cooked the same day, and the other half I made into some meat­balls for later. I then put them on a bak­ing sheet in the freezer to open­freeze, and moved them into bags once they were frozen rock-hard. This pre­vents the meat­balls from los­ing their shape and it makes it much eas­ier to de­frost the ex­act num­ber you need when you want to cook them. Sim­ply break apart the num­ber of in­di­vid­ual meat­balls you want to cook and put them on a plate to de­frost.

The sauce is re­ally easy to make and is ab­so­lutely de­li­cious. It’s full of flavour

from the Worces­ter­shire sauce and the wine and is also re­ally creamy, which is a great com­bi­na­tion. I’ve al­ways ad­mired those cooks who can just throw a few sim­ple in­gre­di­ents into a pan and - hey presto! - magic on a plate. It gives the im­pres­sion that they know more about cook­ing than you do and ev­ery­thing they cook will be gor­geous. This is one of those times when you can do that your­self, even when peo­ple are get­ting in your way in the kitchen and chat­ting to you, it’s still pos­si­ble to throw it all in and get a great sauce. Just keep stir­ring, taste and add salt and pep­per.

You can vary how much sauce you make by the amount of wine or chicken stock you add, or make it thicker with more flour, or creamier with more cream, but don’t worry about that. Just have a go and I prom­ise it will be good.

Serve with just a few green beans (per­haps from your al­lot­ment) for a sim­ple sup­per, or with pasta or even roast pota­toes to make a big­ger meal if you pre­fer. A sprin­kling of fresh herbs and per­haps a grat­ing of fresh parme­san will make this a very spe­cial meal.

With the colder weather com­ing this is proper com­fort food

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