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Please tell me why Gary Chilling­worth was mak­ing lead weights to add to his TX200 in the Oc­to­ber is­sue. I think that it’s al­ready quite a heavy gun so mak­ing that worse seems daft. Tom Gal­lagher

Hello Tom Gary is a pure com­pe­ti­tion shooter, so he’s pre­pared to ac­cept any com­pro­mise that will al­low him to hit more tar­gets. The ad­di­tional weight helps to man­age the re­coil of the TX200, which is a spring-pis­ton de­sign. By sup­press­ing the re­coil even a lit­tle bit, the ri­fle be­comes eas­ier to shoot ac­cu­rately and un­sur­pris­ingly, com­peti­tors want ev­ery ad­van­tage they can get. I don’t think that any­body would do this mod­i­fi­ca­tion to a hunt­ing gun be­cause it would be­come un­bear­ably heavy if car­ried around the farm for hours. Ed.

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