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Hi there. I can un­der­stand the ad­vice you gave John Kennedy on page 11 of the last is­sue, about pis­tols be­ing un­suit­able for hunt­ing, but turn to page 42 and there is an ad for a Cross­man Rat­buster stat­ing ‘ The Pro­fes­sional’s Choice’. Surely this is a con­tra­dic­tion in your magazine? Other than this, it’s a great mag’ and I can not wait for it to ar­rive ev­ery month. David Wond

Hello David

Pis­tols can be used ef­fec­tively to dis­patch rats, squir­rels and other pests caught in live traps, and many pro­fes­sional pest con­trollers use them for that purpose, so I think that ex­plains the ‘Pro­fes­sional’s Choice’ de­scrip­tion.

Us­ing a suf­fi­ciently pow­er­ful pis­tol to dis­patch cap­tive pests at point-blank range is a world away from us­ing them for gen­eral hunt­ing, and it was the lat­ter point I was mak­ing in my ad­vice to John.

Thank you for the kind words. We work hard to make Air Gun­ner an en­joy­able read ev­ery month and it’s good to know when peo­ple ap­pre­ci­ate that. Ed

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