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I have been shoot­ing for just over 12 months now af­ter a long break. Like most peo­ple, I was an air­gun shooter as young­ster and pro­gressed to shotguns in my late teens and early twen­ties. I then drifted away to do other things. I now shoot mainly air ri­fles and pis­tols. I have come up with what I think is a good so­lu­tion for a pel­let or a BB catcher for when I am shoot­ing in my back­yard. The ba­sis is a square, 25-litre drum with a hole cut in the front, a rec­tan­gle of card taped over the hole. In the back is a rec­tan­gle of ply­wood about 12mm thick, fas­tened over this is an old carpet tile. I find these re­ally good at trap­ping and catch­ing pel­lets and BBs. I tape a pa­per tar­get to the front of the rec­tan­gle of card­board and find that both am­mu­ni­tions go right through the tar­get and card­board, hit the carpet tile cov­ered ply­wood, and then are safely col­lected within the plas­tic drum. Fresh tar­gets can be taped on as needed and the rec­tan­gle of card­board can be re­placed when it be­comes too full of holes to with­hold rat­tling pel­lets or BBs. I have

used my pel­let catch­ers mainly for pis­tol shoot­ing, but also a cou­ple of dozen shots with my air ri­fles with­out prob­lem. With con­stant, high-power air ri­fle use, per­haps heav­ier ply­wood could be used in the back with dou­ble or triple carpet tiles to help ab­sorb the con­stant hits cen­tral to tar­gets. Af­ter use, just store away in your shed or garage. Oc­ca­sion­ally, the pel­lets or BBs can be emp­tied out of the screw-off cap and disposed of as re­quired. I keep my used lead for melt­ing down, and reuse BBs af­ter clean­ing and check­ing for dam­age. DAVID WOND

Hello David I like the sound of a pel­let catcher that keeps all the spat­tered pel­lets in­side. That should save some clear­ing-up time. My only con­cern is that pel­lets can bounce back quite strongly from ply­wood, and it’s im­por­tant to keep an eye on the carpet tiles so that they can be re­placed be­fore they wear too thin. Also, BB gun man­u­fac­tur­ers al­ways tell us that we should never reuse BBs even if they look okay be­cause they might jam in the magazine or bar­rel if they have become mis­shapen. Ed

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